Official Journal of
East European Branch of
CardiOncology Society

OncoReview 4, December 2017

Od redakcji:

Dear readers,

The current issue of OnCOReview contains all the scientific topics of our interdisciplinary journal, ie cardiology, endocrinology and hematology in oncology, as well as aspects of quality of life during or after anticancer treatment.

The largest international chapter of cardio-oncology presents important experiences related to anthracycline cardiotoxicity, the preventive role of liposomal forms of doxorubicin, difficult antithrombotic prophylaxis in patients with atrial fibrillation and stroke as well as recurrent pulmonary embolism.

The next topics of internal medicine in oncology discuss novelty in the treatment of Cushing's disease, various clinical manifestations of multiple myeloma, nutritional interventions in hematological malignancies. The finale of the issue is a novel look at the quality of life, after radical treatment.


Editor-in-Chief                                             Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Sebastian Szmit, MD, PhD                          Eric E. Harrison, MD

Assistant Professor                                     Associate Professor, Fellow of ACC, AHA, ASAI, ACP