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OncoReview 3, September 2017

From the editorial board:

Dear readers,

the September issue of OnCOReview is published just after the Global Cardio-Oncology Summit 2017, held in London. Once again this meeting showed how cardio-oncology supports the clinical benefits of anti-cancer treatment. It is not difficult to see that other specialties of internal medicine also influence the prognosis and quality of life of cancer patients. Therefore, in our interdisciplinary journal as a standard we have adopted to publish the most important achievements in related fields, endocrinology and hematology directly associated with clinical oncology.

In this issue, prominent Polish experts and researchers present the news on pathomorphological diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors, the role of activation of insulin-like growth factors in colorectal cancer, the importance of hypothyroidism related to cabozantinib and the problems of pneumonia after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Finally, there is the focus on the benefit of BRAF/MEK inhibitors in advanced skin melanoma and lapatinib in breast cancer.


Editor-in-Chief                                             Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Sebastian Szmit, MD, PhD                          Eric E. Harrison, MD

Assistant Professor                                     Associate Professor, Fellow of ACC, AHA, ASAI, ACP






The role of activation of insulin-like growth factors in colorectal cancer Katarzyna Walkiewicz, Ewa Nowakowska-Zajdel, Joanna Strzelczyk, Michał Walczak, Angelika Copija, Karolina Janion, Małgorzata Muc-Wierzgoń
Hypothyroidism caused by cabozantinib therapy of clear cell renal cell carcinoma – case report, own experience Agnieszka Buraczewska, Joanna Kardas, Beata Młot, Wojciech Solarek, Anna Waśko-Grabowska
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