Official Journal of
East European Branch of
CardiOncology Society


About magazine

OnCOReview, the Official Journal of East European Branch of International CardiOncology Society, is the peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original interim preliminary analyses, case series describing new symptoms and their prognosis, problematic case reports, review articles covering recent developments as well as experts’ opinions  and comments as mini-reviews regarding early results of important  experimental research or clinical studies. 

OnCOReview wants to realize the scientific and didactic mission with active participation of Young Investigators.

OnCOReview invites authors to present preliminary experiences in the special topics:

–– cardiology in oncology (cardio-oncology)

–– hematology in oncology

–– endocrinology in oncology  

–– quality of life (discussing benefit & risk of anticancer therapy).    


Charges (for submission, page, color, publication) are not levied (no APC).


Access to articles published in the latest two issues is paid (10 zl), older articles are available free of charge to registered readers.

To register, click the "Register" button and then fill out the form. If you are a doctor, enter your medical license number in the PWZ field. If you are not a doctor, enter 0. After completing all the fields, click "Register".


If you are a reviewer, author or member of the Editorial Board, Scientific Council, email to and within 24 h you will receive free access to the entire content of the site.



Legal note

This publication is intended for doctors and students of medicine. Every effort has been made to provide up-to-date information, especially on medicine dosage, however, it is advisable that doctors make final decisions on their usage. This publication is not meant to replace a proper medical diagnosis or therapy! The responsibility taken by authors is suited to this kind of publication, and is not tantamount to the responsibility for an individual piece of medical advice.

The publisher has made every effort concerning the reliability of the publication and the included information on the assortment, medicines and their prices. Yet the only legal information valid in the Republic of Poland is included in the binding legal acts, and in terms of trade in the price offers of drugstores. As far as the information on medicines is concerned, the only lawful information is an updated characteristic of a medicinal substance, and its producers leaflet. The authors, consultants and publishers of this publication do not take any responsibility for possible mistakes or harms resulted from the information use. Any cases of legal claims connected with medicines and chemical substances being under clinical examination shall not be taken into consideration.